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  1. Backup & Restore DatabaseBackup & Restore Database [Article]
    Overview: How do I backup and Restore my HM1 Database? (Try our new Backup/Restore utility.
  2. Advanced PostgreSQL TuningAdvanced PostgreSQL Tuning [Article]
    Overview: Is there anything I can do to speed up my PostgreSQL? Note: Advanced PC Users only!!!
  3. Secondary Logon Service ErrorSecondary Logon Service Error [Article]
    Overview: When installing PostgreSQL, I get the following error:
  4. Holdem Manager Performance & Speed TweaksHoldem Manager Performance & Speed Tweaks [Article]
    Overview: The following are tips and solutions to performance and speed related issues. Even if you don't have these issue's many of the these suggestions
  5. Fix IndexesFix Indexes [Article]
    Overview: I'm getting an error relating to one of the indexes. Solution: If you get an error similar to the one in
  6. Large Log FilesLarge Log Files [Article]
    Overview: Log Files are taking up GB of space on my Hard Drive. Can I prevent this? Solution:
  7. Windows UpdateWindows Update [Article]
    Overview: Occasionally Windows Update will cause your PostgreSQL connection to fail. Note: This is very rare. If
  8. Installation Package Could Not Be Opened Installation Package Could Not Be Opened [Article]
    Overview: When I try to install Holdem Manager it says, "Installation package could not be opened." Solution: You are getting
  9. FAT / NTFS Drive IssuesFAT / NTFS Drive Issues [Article]
    Overview: At the initialize database cluster page during the PostgreSQL installation I'm getting an error message. It tells me the database must be on NTFS formatted volumes not FAT v
  10. Create / Delete DatabaseCreate / Delete Database [Article]
  11. PostgreSQL OverviewPostgreSQL Overview [Article]
    All of the FAQ's for PostgreSQL can be found at the top of the previous page or by following the links below:
  12. Install PostgreSQL 8.2, 8.3 or 8.4?Install PostgreSQL 8.2, 8.3 or 8.4? [Article]
    Overview: What version of PostgreSQL should I install? Answer: If you did not download PostgreSQL from our website we recomend
  13. PostgreSQL IntroductionPostgreSQL Introduction [Article]
    Overview: What is PostgreSQL and why do I need it to use Holdem Manager? Answer: PostgreSQL is 3rd Party database management s
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