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  1. questionHoldem Manager Video Library
    Overview: Click here to View HM2 Videos The following links take you to FAQ's where high resolution .wmv videos can be downloaded. Videos Holdem Manager Install Holdem Manager Crash Course - Covers basic usage after installing along with introductions to HM Apps. Stats 101 - Basic fundamental ...
  2. questionGeneral Hold'em Manager Questions Overview
    All of the FAQ's for Common & Miscellaneous Questions can be found at the top of the previous page or by following the links below: Hands (Import/Export/Purge/Etc.) Common Questions Miscellaneous Questions
  3. questionHEM Doesn't Start/Core Features Stopped Working
    Overview: If one of the following applies to you, see the solution below. Holdem Manager crashes when starting I can't stop Auto Import I can't access Database Management The HUD doesn't work etc. Solution: Depending on your exact problem, these types of problems can usually be fixed b ...
  4. questionHM1 End of Life (EOL) Common Questions
    What is end of HM1 support? Why is HM1 support ending? Can I still use HM1? What should I do? If I upgrade to HM2, will I lose my HM1 hand histories? Will HM1 Apps continue to work? How long will you suport HM2? 1. What is end of HM1 support? It means there will be no updates or technical sup ...