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Supported Sites - Minimum PC Requirements

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  1. questionSupported Poker Sites
    The following poker sites are supported with Holdem Manager: Click for specific setup instructions. Full Tilt Poker Stars Ulitmate Bet Absolute Poker Microgaming - Prima - Unibet Merge Network Party Poker Ongame - BWIN - Betfair Pacific Poker PKR Network Boss Media iPoker Ca ...
  2. questionMinimum System Requirements
    Holdem Manager can be used with just about any computer in any configuration. Minimum System Requirements: CPU: 1.0 GHZ RAM: 512 MB (2+ GB is Recommended) Video: 1024x768 Resolution is Recommended Operating System: Windows XP or Newer with all Service Packs Installed Microsoft .NET Frame ...
  3. questionHM1 End of Life (EOL) Common Questions
    What is end of HM1 support? Why is HM1 support ending? Can I still use HM1? What should I do? If I upgrade to HM2, will I lose my HM1 hand histories? Will HM1 Apps continue to work? How long will you suport HM2? 1. What is end of HM1 support? It means there will be no updates or technical sup ...
  4. questionDoes Holdem Manager distinguish results between heads up, 6max and full ring?
    Overview: Does Holdem Manager distinguish results between heads up, 6max and full ring? Answer: Yes. There's multiple ways to return data results that are specific to HU, 6 Max and Full Ring. You can even bring back hands that were only 4 handed or 7 handed. The easiest way to sort by common ...