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HUD Options / HUD Popup Configuration

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  1. questionHUD Popup Introduction
    Overview: (HUD Options / HUD Popup Configuration) The HUD Popup Configuration window allows you to customize your HUD Popups. When you're playing at a table, hover over a stat or click a stat to show a HUD Popup. This HUD Popup happens to be the Steal Popup. Hovering over or click ...
  2. questionCustom HUD Popup Walkthrough
    Overview: (HUD Options / HUD Popup Configuration) Here we're going to walk you through step by step on how to make a custom HUD Popup. For this example we're going to add the overall Squeeze stat to the Steal Popup. Select the Default_Steal Popup in the left dropdown box. ...
  3. questionFormatting Text Options In Hud Popup's
    Overview: Watch Video While customising your hud popup you can add a couple of formatting options to bold, italic and underline your text Solution: When were creating a custom popup we can format the text by adding the following code before and after the word Bold - \b e.g. If we want to add V ...