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  1. questionAuto Rate Introduction
    Overview: (Options / Auto Rate) Auto Rate changes your note icons into little graphics based on the rules you setup. Introduction Main Buttons Rule Editor (FAQ Link) Editing & Adding Rules (FAQ Link) Introduction: There's 8 rules setup for you, but you can customize these rules, ad ...
  2. questionAuto Rate Rule Editor
    Overview: (Options / Auto Rate) Editing and making rules is easy. We'll cover it all here. Along with button explanations, we'll detail the step by step process for the following: Buttons Editing and Adding Rule(s) (FAQ Link) Buttons A - And Use then when you want to add a ru ...
  3. questionEditing & Adding Auto Rate Rules
    Overview: (Options / Auto Rate) Editing a Rule Adding a Rule Note: Recommended for Advanced Holdem Manager Users Only Editing a Rule Here we're going to edit the Calling Station Rule that's signified by a cell phone image. If you wanted to change the cell phone image to a different im ...