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  1. questionHoldem Vision Introduction
    Holdem Visions is a graphical reporting tool for Holdem Manager. Several types of reports are available allowing you to see game statistics, player statistics, and the hands people play in different situations. Results are shown in graphs, so you can quickly spot trends. Each report type off ...
  2. questionGame Statistics (Holdem Vision)
    Overview: Game Statistics reports give you an overview of game play at a particular stake. The Pot Size histogram shows the frequency that hands complete with different pot sizes. The X axis is the final pot size in big blinds; The Y axis is the number of hands. Higher bars indicate more hand ...
  3. questionPlayer Statistics (Holdem Vision)
    Overview: Player statistics graphs show the distribution of key player characterizing statistics, including VP$IP, PFR, post-flop aggression, 3-Bet%, and WTSD%. The graphs also indicate whether players with a particular value are net winners, losers or break even. Filters for the player st ...
  4. questionPlayer Profiles (Holdem Vision)
    Overview: It is common to profile players using statistics like VP$IP, PFR and aggression factor. Using different ranges for these three key statistics, you can characterize your opponent’s playing style with profiles like tight-aggressive, loose passive, nitty, etc. The Player Profi ...
  5. questionPre-Flop Ranges (Holdem Vision)
    Overview: The Pre-flop Ranges tab gives you insight into how your opponents play different starting hands in different positions. Although this report only shows starting hands from games that went to showdown, you will get a good estimate of pre-flop ranges over thousands of hands. The pl ...
  6. questionPost-Flop Ranges (Holdem Vision)
    Overview: The Post Flop Ranges report gives you insight into hand ranges after the flop. NEEDS MORE DETAIL
  7. questionHand Strength Category Definitions (Holdem Vision)
    Overview: Many of Holdem Vision’s graphs group made hand value into six categories. The make-up of each category is as follows: 2 Pair or Better Two card straight flush One card straight flush Straight flush on board Four of a kind with pocket pair Four of a kind without pocket pai ...