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Three Main Windows

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  1. questionThree Main Windows (Table Scanner)
    Overview: Table Scanner has three main windows showing you Players and Tables. The top window is the Table View The middle window is the Players at the Table View The bottom window is the Player View Note: All of the columns can be customized. You can remove columns and change the ord ...
  2. questionPlayers View (Table Scanner)
    Overview: Players View has the following Columns: Players View Definitions Room Logo of Poker Room Tablename Table Name where player is sitting Stake Stakes of the table Name Player Name Seat Seat Player is sitting at on the table Rating Rating of Player (Double Click to ...
  3. questionPlayers at Table View (Table Scanner)
    Overview: Players at Table View have the following Columns: Players At Table Definitions Name Players Name Seat Seat player is sitting at Rating Players Rating (Double Click to Change) Score Players Score Stack Players Stack Size Hands How many hands you have in your da ...
  4. questionTable View (Table Scanner)
    Overview: Table View has the following columns: Table View Definition Open Pressing this button Opens the Table Join Pressing this button opens the table and automatically puts you on the wait list if there is a wait Room Logo of Poker Room Table Name Name of the Table Rati ...