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  1. questionArticles Overview
    Overview: (Articles) The Articles dropdown menu has must read content for Holdem Manager Users of all skill levels!!! The Article Titles are: Plugging Leaks - Determining typical bb/100 based on Stat Ranges (Added June 4, 2008) Plugging Leaks - The Basics (Added June 30th, 2008) P ...
  2. questionPlugging Leaks - Based on Stat Ranges (Article #1)
    Plugging Leaks using Holdem Manager Article 1: Determining typical bb/100 ranges based on Stat Ranges In this series of articles we will be showing you how to use HM to plug leaks and keep a regular check on several key parts of your game to see where you need to improve. When you spot a weakne ...
  3. questionPlugging Leaks - The Basics (Article #2)
    Plugging Leaks using Holdem Manager Article 2: Plugging Leaks - The Basics When looking at your game, especially early on in your poker education, it is important to ensure that your basic stats are all correct. The following article was originally written by Pokey on 2+2 for Poker Tracker but ...
  4. questionPlugging Leaks - The Fuzz Rule - Folding to Raises (Article #3)
    Article 3: The Fuzz Rule - Folding to Raises The fuzz rule is basically when you get raised at small stakes up to 200nl or even 400nl you need to be frequently folding unless you have a very strong hand. In this analysis the filters won’t include 3bet pots or limped pots because that adds ...