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Introduction - Reports - Hole Card Filters

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  1. questionOmaha Manager Introduction
    Overview: Omaha Manager is seamlessly integrated into Holdem Manager so all of Omaha Managers functionality is detailed in the Holdem Manager FAQ's. There are three main things Omaha Manager uses that is different from the rest of Holdem Manager: Omaha Selection for Reports Omaha Hands in Fi ...
  2. questionReports (Omaha)
    Overview: Here you can select Omaha or Holdem games. You can also select ALL Games that will display both Holdem and Omaha variations in all of the Windows.
  3. questionHole Card Filters (Omaha)
    Overview: Here's what the Omaha Hole Cards Filter looks like: At the bottom if this screen it says 5745 hands matched. As you narrow your hand down by selecting options on this screen, this number will drop. Hole Card Pairs Here you can select what Holecards are Paired in your hand. ...
  4. questionSelect Report Name from List (Omaha)
    Overview: Omaha additions in "Select Report Name from List" Hole Cards Hand Groupings Hole Cards All Omaha hole cards are listed here: Hand Groupings All Omaha specific hand groupings are listed here: