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  1. questionCash Game Sidebar (Window) Introduction
    Video 1 Video 2 Overview: The Cash Game Window is the area where Cash Game Players spend most of their time analyzing their game. You can analyze your play by position, stakes, preflop cards, sessions, vs. players, etc. Those examples barely scratch the surface of this powerful tool. ...
  2. questionReports (Cash Games & Tourney Sub-Window)
    Overview: The Reports Window has 6 main areas to focus on. A – Sub Tabs B – Report Name C – Main Filters D – Stat Selection E – Main View F – Hand View A - Cash Game & Tourney Sub Tabs Once you’re in the Cash Game Tab there’s ...
  3. questionHands (Cash Games & Tourney Sub-Window)
    Overview: The Hands Window is just an expanded version of the Hand View that is displayed on most of the Windows. This is a good place to use the Main Filter to sort specific hands and situations with less clutter on the screen.
  4. questionPreflop Cards (Cash Games & Tourney Sub-Window)
    Overview: The Preflop Cards Window under Cash Games allows users to analyze starting hands in multiple ways. Filter by the standard Holdem Manager Main Filter at the top. There are Quick Filters check boxes on the far left for the most common filter types. Quickly filter by numb ...
  5. questionVS Players (Cash Games Sub-Window)
    Overview: Ever have a player that’s constantly giving you trouble? The Vs Player Window lets you analyze your hands based on opponents. The Columns at the top sort by: Opponent Wins Losses 20BB+ Wins 20BB+ Losses 50BB+ Wins 50BB+ Loses Largest Single Win Largest Single Loss Overall Wi ...
  6. questionGraphs (Cash Games Sub-Window)
    Overview: Graphs are a great way to see your performance in trends. The Holdem Manager Graphs allow you to display the following trend lines: Winnings Rackback and Bonuses Showdown Winnings Non Showdown Winnings All-in EV Along with the above chart lines, you can display your graph in: Do ...
  7. questionSessions (Cash Games Sub-Window)
    Overview: The Sessions Window displays all the Sessions you’ve played. There’s a quick sort option labeled Group By. This lets you sort your Sessions by the following: Session (by Table) Session Day Month Sessions (By Table) Shows y ...