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  1. questionStats 101 - Introduction to Holdem Manager Stats
    Overview: This video discusses basic usage of common Holdem Manager stats. VPIP PFR 3Bet Steal etc. Video also covers how you can use stats to make better decisions at the table. If you're looking for the complete stat definition list, CLICK HERE.
  2. questionTip of The Month
    Overview: Tip of the month videos was a good idea, but it makes sense to create content specific to the FAQ's. In the future we might end up doing monthly webinars or something. Until then enjoy the videos on the Video Page. Below are the current and past Tip of the Month videos taken from the ...
  3. questionHoldem Manager Introduction
    Overview: Holdem Manager Overview Click Here if you need help installing or configuring Holdem Manager with your poker site. Holdem Manager is broken down into three main areas: Dropdown Menus (Setup Type Options) Sidebar (Database Analysis) HUD Elements (Real-Time Live Tracking ...
  4. questionCreate / Delete Database
    Overview: How do I create and delete a database? Create Database Delete Database Create Database: Note: Make sure you are not currently running any hand importing. 1. In Holdem Manager, navigate to Options / Database Management. You will see the Database Control Panel scree ...
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