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Full Tilt & Poker Stars Prefetch Walkthrough


How do I configure Holdem Manager to Prefetch Poker Stars and Full Tilt stats before I play a hand?




To configure Holdem Manager to pre-fetch Poker Stars or Full Tilt stats before playing a hand, do the following:


  1. In Holdem Manager, go to HUD Options / Site Options. A HUD Import Options dialog will pop up.





  1. In Holdem Manager, go to Options > Configure Auto Import Folders. A Configure Auto Import dialog will pop up.


  1. Click on Add Folder. An Add Auto Import Folder dialog will pop up. 


  1. In the Folder Name field, click on the Select button. A Browse for folder dialog will pop up.


  1. Navigate to this path: C:\Program Files\RVG Software\holdem manger\importing\hem data and click on OK.


  1. Click on Save.


  1. Click on Close.

Note:  HUD stats may be misaligned during Prefetch.  This is completely normal and you shouldn't make any HUD adjustments during Prefetch

Note:  Prefetch is only possible at Poker Stars and Full Tilt. We're currently looking into adding more sites.

Note: At Poker Stars, it won't update after it shows the stats, so if you have 500 hands on someone on a table and then they play 30 more hands, it will still only show the 500 hands he had when he sat down. If someone replaces someone at a table after it's shown the HUD, it will not update to show the villain unless you close and reopen the table. This is because Poker Stars has a limit on the amount of stats we can mine to protect against people data mining on the site. They allow us to only grab a single hand. Full Tilt allows 1 - 5 hands to be pre-fetched.

Note:  When you start auto import, it will take a good 2 or 3 hands until the stats appear for Pre-Fetch at Full Tilt, compared to Poker Stars where it is almost instant.



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