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Auto Rate Rule Editor

Overview:  (Options / Auto Rate)


Editing and making rules is easy.  We'll cover it all here. Along with button explanations, we'll detail the step by step process for the following:






A - And

Use then when you want to add a rule to the current rule so both rules must be met before the rule is triggered for Autorate.


B - OR

Use this when you want to add a rule to the current rule but you want any part of the multiple rules to trigger your rule.


C - Stat

You can select between the following stats here for your rule:

  • VP$IP
  • PFR
  • 3-Bet
  • Steal_Att
  • WTSD
  • W$SD
  • WWSF

* If you want to learn the definition of stats, check out the Stat Definition FAQ.


D - Greater Than / Less Than

This is where you enter greater than or less than parameters for your rule.  You can also choose Between which enables the second Stat Number window.  This is F - Stat Numbers below.



E - Stat Numbers

The first of the Stat Number windows.  If there is a greater than or less than symbol in the previous box, enter the number for the stat than you want to be greater than or less than.



F - Stat Numbers

When Between is selected in the Greater Than / Less Than / Between box, you can enter a number here.  This is the second number in the between series. 



You chose 3-Bet for your Rule and Between.  The first stat number box has a 3.7 and the second stat box has a 6.  This rule will now only be active when the players 3-Bet stat is between 3.7 and 6.



G - Samples

Minimum number of Hand Samples on the stat for this rule to be active. 



Let's take the 3-Bet stat for an example again.  If you have the Samples set to 5, your 3-Bet stat would need five samples or more before the rule would be active.

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