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Editing & Adding Auto Rate Rules

Overview:  (Options / Auto Rate)

Editing a Rule

Adding a Rule

Note:  Recommended for Advanced Holdem Manager Users Only


Editing a Rule

Here we're going to edit the Calling Station Rule that's signified by a cell phone image.  If you wanted to change the cell phone image to a different image, simply click the cell phone image and you'll be able to select from the images on the right.




  1. If you play 6-MAX, HU or Full Ring, make sure those options are selected correctly at the top of the Autorate window in the Players, Games and Style dropdown boxes.
  2. Select Rule 4 - It should now enter the Rule Editor portion of the Autorate window and look like the following.






  1. Right now the VP$IP rule is selected and you can see that it's mathematical parameters are also below the rule.  Select the second rule here which is Agg_Factor.
  2. Right now the Agg_Factor says - If Agg_Factor is less than 2 with greater than or equal to 2 samples, include this in Autorate.
  3. Change the 2 in the Agg_Factor box to 2.5 - Now for this rule to be active the Agg_Factor must be lower than 2.5 for it to be included in the Autorate part of your HUD.

Adding a Rule(s)

You can add single rules or multiple rules to classify your opponents.  In the following example we add 2 rules using the "AND" link. 


We're going to add a New Rule with a VP$IP of more than 60% over 20 samples and a 3-bet of more than 9% over 10 samples.



  1. Click New Rule


  1. Select C and make sure the VP$IP is selected


  1. Select D and change it to a greater than sign ">"


  1. Enter 60 in Box E


  1. Enter 20 in Box G - Samples


  1. Click A - And


  1. Select C and change it to 3-Bet


  1. Select D and change it to a greater than sign ">".


  1. Enter 9 in Box E


  1. Enter 10 in Box G - Samples


Note:  This was an "AND" rule.  You can also make "OR" rules which don't require both rules to be triggered before Autorating is applied to the opponent.

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