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Auto Rate Introduction

Overview: (Options / Auto Rate)

Auto Rate changes your note icons into little graphics based on the rules you setup.



Main Buttons

Rule Editor (FAQ Link)

Editing & Adding Rules (FAQ Link)




There's 8 rules setup for you, but you can customize these rules, add rules and delete rules too.



For any of this to work, you must check the Enable Autorate and/or Enable Autorate in Replayer checkboxes at the bottom of the above screen.


At the top of the screen there are Players, Games and Style dropdown boxes.  Here you can make specific rules for the specific type of games you play.  27 different combinations of game types detailed below.



Main Buttons - Auto Rate


The following headings detail the uses of the Main Buttons in the Autorate window. 

Users can choose between:

  • Full Ring
  • 6-MAX
  • Heads UP

Users can choose between:

  • Holdem
  • Omaha (Hi)
  • Omaha 8 (Hi/Lo)

Users can choose between:

  • No Limit & Pot Limit
  • Fixed Limit
  • Tournament

Moves the selected Rule Up in the Rules List

Moves the selected Rule Down in the Rules List

Delete Rule
Deletes a selected Rule

New Rule
Creates a New Rule

Reset Rule
Resets all the rules back to their default state

Accepts changes and exits the Autorate Editor

Cancels any changes and exits the Autorate Editor



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