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Holdem Manager Runs Slow


As your database gets larger, Holdem Manager querries to the PostgreSQL database will take longer; there's no getting around this.  The best thing that will help is running a Vacuum on your database.  This should be performed every 10,000 - 20,000 hands or when Holdem Manager requests you do a Vacuum through a popup window. 

Below is a checklist divided into Simple and Advanced Solutions.


Note:  Only advanced PC Users should attempt the Advanced Solutions.



Simple Solutions

Advanced Solutions 



Simple Solutions

  1. Make sure you are displaying only the "last 100" hands in the Hand View.


  1. Update your video card drivers.


  1. In Holdem Manager, move your opacity slider in HUD Options > Player Preferences and HUD Options > Table Preferences completely to the right.


  1. In HUD Options > Table Preferences, select Force on Top. (If this doesn't help, turn it off afterwards; you'll need to restart Holdem Manager for it to take effect).


  1. Disable Multiple Panels if it's unnecessary.


  1. Run a Vacuum on your Database


  1. Defrag your Hard Drive.


  1. In your PC, go to Control Panel > Power Settings and make sure it's running on high performance.  Power Save mode can sometimes affect the performance of your machine.


  1. For a Poker Stars specific fix: In the lobby, go to Options > Advanced Multi-table Options. Unselect popup table whenever user action is required, click OK and restart Poker Stars.



Advanced Solutions:

These have to do with setting exceptions for Firewalls and Antivirus software.

Adding Exceptions to Windows Firewall

Adding Exceptions to Windows Defender

Sometimes Anti-virus programs scan all the folders in a file, so it's advisable to set exceptions for all the auto import folders, Holdem Manager and PostgreSQL folders.


The instructions below include details for setting exceptions for the firewall. 

If you have an anti-virus software running, add all the files mentioned below in Windows Defender. If it's not possible to add these files, uninstall the anti-virus completely and restart.


Exceptions can be added by following these instructions. See your anti-virus manual for instructions on adding exceptions to your anti-virus although it should be very similar.



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