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Board Texture


Board Texture allows you to Filter by the Flop, Turn and River Board Textures.



To enable a Board Texture you must check a Filter by Flop, Turn or River Texture checkbox.  Once checked you’ll enable other checkboxes to further refine your Filter search.


Filter By Flop Texture:
  • Filter by Flop Paired
    • Flop is Paired
    • Flop is not Paired
  • Filter By Flush Cards
    • Three Suits
    • Two of one Suite
    • All Three One Suite
  • Filter By High Card
    • Deuce through Ace  (2–A)


Filter by Turn Texture:
  • Filter by Turn Paired
    • Turn is Paired
    • Turn is Not Paired
  • Filter by Flush Cards
    • Four Suits
    • Two of One Suit
    • Two of Two Suits
    • Three of One Suit
    • Four of One Suit
  • Filter by High Card
    • Deuce through Ace  (2–A)



Filter by River Texture:
  • Filter by River Paired
    • River is Paired
    • River is not Paired
  • Filter by Flush Cards
    • No Flush Possible
    • Three Cards One Suit
    • Four Cards One Suit
    • Five Cards One Suit
  • Filter by High Card
    • Deuce through Ace  (2–A)


Standard Save and Close / Cancel buttons are also present at the bottom of the Board Texture Tab.




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