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More Filters


More Filters allows you to filter by specific Situations. 




To Filter by Situation, highlight an item in the right column and click Add This Filter.  This places the highlighted Filter in the left column, Selected Filters.


You can add as many Situations as you like. 


To remove a Situation from the Selected Filter list, highlight the Filter you want to remove and click the Delete Filter button at the bottom of the left window.


Some of the commonly used Situations in no particular order are:
  • Did Squeeze = True
  • Did Cold Call = True
  • Faced Preflop 3-Bet = True
  • Called Preflop 3-Bet = True
  • Raised Preflop 3-Bet = True
  • BB Steal Defend = True
  • SB Steal Defend = True
  • Did 3-Bet = True
  • Called Preflop 4-Bet = True
  • Raised Preflop 4-Bet = True


While the above are just Preflop Situational Filters, if you scroll the right column down you’ll find Filters for all the streets along with an Others section at the very bottom.




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