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Hand Replayer Overview


The Hand Replayer allows you to replay any hand in your Holdem Manager database.  The most recent addition is a Hand Range Calculator and ICM ToolThe Hand Range Calculator is similar to Poker Stove and allows you to narrow your opponents Hand Range.  The ICM Tool allows you to assign $ values to your chips when playing tournaments to see if you are getting lucky or unlucky.


The basic Features of the Hand Replayer include:


  • Stakes / Table / Date
  • Hand Range Calculator
  • Hand History
  • HUD Overlays
    • All Hands on Opponent
    • Hands up to Time of Hand being replayed
  • Replay Single Hands or Hands in Succession 
  • Pot Odds Display
  • Instantly Jump to the Flop, Turn or River
  • Adjust Speed of the Replayed Hand
  • Show Known Cards
  • Show Win %
  • ICM (Tournaments Only)




The HUD Overlays work exactly like they do in your poker client.  See HUD Basics for more information.


Note:  Table Manager must be running for your HUD Overlays to be displayed in the Hand Replayer.  If your HUD Overlays are not showing up in the Hand Replayer, Go to the Holdem Manager Dropdown Menus and click HUD Options / Relaunch HUD.


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