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Reports (Cash Games & Tourney Sub-Window)


The Reports Window has 6 main areas to focus on.

A – Sub Tabs

B – Report Name

C – Main Filters

D – Stat Selection

E – Main View

F – Hand View







A - Cash Game & Tourney Sub Tabs 

Once you’re in the Cash Game Tab there’s six Cash Game Sub Tabs:


Once you’re in the Tourney Tab there’s four Tourney Sub Tabs:


B – Report Name - FAQ

The Report Name section has a dropdown menu where you can select Reports on the following:

  • By Stakes
  • Hand at Showdown
  • Hand at Showdown (Detailed)
  • Holecards
  • Number of Players
  • Overall
  • Plugging Leaks 01 – Overall
  • Plugging Leaks 02 – The Basics
  • Plugging Leaks 03 – Flop Hand Strength
  • Position
  • Preflop Activity
  • Stack Size
  • Winnings Summary



C – Filters - FAQ

The Filter part of the Cash Game Tab is where you apply Filters to the information being displayed in the Main View



D – Stat Selection - FAQ

Stat Selection is where you add and remove stats in the Main View.



E – Main View - FAQ

This is the center of the window and is where all your statistics will change based on Report Name, Filters and Stat Selection.



F – Hand View - FAQ

Displays Hands based on what’s selected in the Main View.




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