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Hands Window (Tourney)


The Hands Tab is just an expanded version of the Hand View that is displayed on most of the Tabs


This is a good place to use the Main Filter to sort specific hands and situations with less clutter on the screen.


Only Show Marked Hands:

Only Show Marked Hands displays hands that you have Marked for later viewing.


There’s two ways to Mark a hand for later viewing:

  1. The Hud Overlay displays the last three hands on the table with the person who won and the $ amount they won.  When you open that up there’s a checkbox directly to the left of the players name on pot, click this checkbox.  See the Hand History section for a screenshot of this.
  2. Right clicking the hand in the Hand View brings up the option, Mark Selected Hands.


Show Known Holecards:

Show Known Holecards is for Villain analysis.  If you have a Villain selected as the player in your Filters, you can uncheck this box to hide the Villains Known Holecards






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