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Data View (Tourney Results Sub-Tab)


The Data View shows your Filtered Tournaments by:

  • Start Time
  • Buy-in
  • Finish (Position)
  • Size (# of Entrants)
  • $ Won
  • Time (Duration of Tournament)
  • # Played (how many tables you were multi-tabling at the time)
  • Speed
  • Tables
  • Game
  • Tourney #


You can press any of the above column text to sort your Data View Tournaments by column.



Right clicking on the Data View window brings up the following options:


Use this to edit any tournament information that is missing.  MTT tournaments will not get all the correct information unless you make it deep into the tournament or Final Table the tournament.


Note:  There are three buttons right above the Hand View that perform the same function as right clicking in the Data View window.



Color Coding:

The rows in the Data View are color coded based on:

  • Green = ITM (In the Money)
  • White = Did not Cash
  • Grey = Incomplete Tournament


Note:  FTP Matrix tournaments will show the Matrix part of the tournament as incomplete if you closed the tournament lobby before the Matrix prize pool was distributed.




Manually Add a New Tourney

Here you can add a Tournament to the Holdem Manager database.


Fill out all of the information and click Save when you’re done. Once completed, Holdem Manager will add this Tournament to your Holdem Manager database.




Note:  You can’t add a Tournament if you’re using an Alias.  You can only add a Tournament using your poker client user name.  Click the Change button next to your Alias to change to your poker client user name.




Edit Selected Tourney:


Edit Selected Tourney brings up a window very similar to the Manually Add a New Tourney window shown above.  Simply fill out the information and click Save to update your Holdem Manager Database with this new Tournament information.



Delete Selected Tourney:

This option Deletes the selected Tournament from your Holdem Manager Database.








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