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Graphs (Tourney Results Sub-Tab)


The Graph Tab charts your Tournament winnings.



There are six checkboxes at the top allowing you to Filter your Graph by:

  • Tourney
  • Date
  • Graph in $ Won
  • Graph in Buyins
  • Rakeback
  • Show Luck Adjusted Winnings (RED)



Right Clicking Any Graph Brings up the Following Options:



  • Copy
  • Save Image As
  • Page Setup
  • Print
  • Show Point Values
  • Un-Zoom
  • Undo All Zoom/Pan
  • Set Scale to Default






Copies the graph to your clipboard for pasting into Photoshop, MS Paint, etc




Save Image As:

Save Image As allows you to save your graph to your hard drive in the following formats:


  • EMF
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • TIF
  • BMP




Page Setup:

Page Setup is strictly for Printer type options.  You can set the size of the graph for Printing along with margins and orientation. (Landscape/Portrait)




Print brings up Printing Options for you Graph.




Show Point Values:

Show Point Values allows you to get specific information when hovering your mouse over a line on the Graph.  The information displayed shows the details of the Graph line where you mouse is.





Un-Zoom is like an Undo button when you have Zoomed in on your Graph.  Checking this will Undo the most recent Zoom.  Continue checking this menu to keep undoing Zoom levels.





Undo All Zoom/Pan:

Undo’s all Zoomed actions.





Set Scale to Default:

By default, Holdem Manager uses all the screen space possible for the Graph to give as much detail as possible.  Set Scale to Default makes your hands and winnings columns round numbers. 



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