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Observed Hand History Configuration

Overview:  (Options/Settings/Observed Hand History Configuration)


Observed Hand History Configuration allows you to remove useless Hand Histories that won’t improve your stats on players and essentially just take up space.


Note:  Most poker sites do not allow mining or importing of hands you did not participate in.  Read your poker sites terms and conditions before importing Hand Histories.





When you first load the Observed Hand History Configuration option you are presented with the following window.




Insert all Hand Histories:


Inserts all Hand Histories on Import




Do Not Insert Any Observed Hand Histories


Does not import any Hand Histories




Insert Observed Hand Histories Meeting Any of these Requirements:


Here you can choose to only import hands that are greater than X amount of Big Blinds to rule out useless hands where someone raises preflop and everyone folds for example. To do this, change the size in the Min Pot Size in BB's column. For tournaments you can also limit the size in chips instead of Big Blinds.

You can also tick the Saw Flop column and Holdem Manager will only import hands that saw the flop.  Lastly you can also tick the Saw Showdown column to only import hands that saw a showdown. This might be useful if you’re only interested in hands where the holecards are shown for example.

You can still use the columns in conjunction with each other so you can tick Min Pot Size in BB's = 10 along with Saw Showdown = true so it only shows hands that got to showdown that weren’t just checked through to the river.

The other option is that you can also specify different rules for different types of games. (I.e. Limit, Cash, Tourneys NL, Tourneys Limit)




Insert Standardized Hand Format

Insert Standardized Hand Format changes your imported Hand History format to a standardized XML format that is site-independent.


Note:  Rarely used – See the Holdem Manager forums if you require help on this.



Purge Hand History Options - Observed Hands


The Purge Hand History Option here removes the Hand History, but keeps the stats. 


For example, let’s say we have 100 hands on a player and purge them using this option. We can still see the players VPIP is 32 and his 3bet% was 10 etc., but we can’t review any of the Hand Histories in the Hand Replayer as those details have been deleted. The advantage to this is being able to keep the HUD stats while downsizing the overall size of your Holdem Manager database. 




Pretty simple here – Just enter the parameters you want to filter by and click the Purge Hand Histories button in the bottom right.  There’s some explanation on the next page about what some of these options do, but for the most part its self explanatory.




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