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HUD Popup Introduction

Overview:  (HUD Options / HUD Popup Configuration)



The HUD Popup Configuration window allows you to customize your HUD Popups.


When you're playing at a table, hover over a stat or click a stat to show a HUD Popup.





This HUD Popup happens to be the Steal Popup.  Hovering over or clicking the Steal stat on the normal HUD opens this popup.


Note:  You can't edit a default Popup window, but you can Clone Selected Popup and create a New Blank Popup.  I strongly suggest you Clone a default Popup to make your custom HUD Popup(s).




HUD Popup Designer Window


Before we detail a step by step guide on how to create a Custom Popup, lets breakdown the Popup Designer Window.




A - Popup Preview

B - Popups & Create Popup Buttons

C - Background & Font Colors

D - Popup Stats & Text





A - Popup Preview

The Popup Preview allows you to see what your popup will look like as you make changes in real-time.  Very important to be looking at this as you add and remove items from your Custom Popup.







B - Popups & Create Popup Buttons




  • The left dropdown that currently says 3bet is where all your default and Custom HUD Popups are located.


  • New Black Popup Creates a new blank popup.  (We strongly suggest you Clone Selected Popup and not create a blank popup.)


  • Clone Selected Popup clones the currently selected popup.




C - Background & Font Colors




  • Regular Background - The normal background for your Custom HUD Popup



  • Regular Text - The normal text color of your Custom HUD Popup



  • Session Background - When you double click your HUD the background of your HUD  turns red signifying you are looking at session stats. Now when you hover over your HUD stat and bring up the Custom HUD Popup, the background will be whatever color is selected here.  (Green)



  • Dimmed Text - Dims text in Live Tracking that is not relevant.  For example, all players that fold will have their HUD stats dimmed.  If you are on the flop, your opponents PFR stat will be dimmed, etc.  Any stat that is not relevant for that point in the hand will be dimmed.



  • Highlighted Text - Highlights areas of Live Tracking that are important.


D - Popup Stats & Text


This part of the HUD Popup Designer allows you to customize all the text and stats in your Custom HUD Popup.




The Add & Remove buttons add and remove stats, text and line breaks.


The blank box above the Add Text>> button allows you to add custom text to your popup.


New Line creates a new line for stats and text in your popup.


Move Up & Move Down moves the currently selected stat or text in the Display These Stats window up or down changing their position on your Custom HUD Popup.



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