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Custom HUD Popup Walkthrough

Overview:  (HUD Options / HUD Popup Configuration)



Here we're going to walk you through step by step on how to make a custom HUD Popup.  For this example we're going to add the overall Squeeze stat to the Steal Popup.





  1. Select the Default_Steal Popup in the left dropdown box.
  2. Click Clone Selected Popup



  1. Choose a name for the popup and remember this name.  For this example let's call our custom steal popup,  "STEAL99"


OK, so we've just cloned the Default Steal Popup and now we're going to add the Squeeze text and stat to the bottom of our Custom HUD Popup.


  1. Click the bottom stat in the Display These Stats window and click the New Line Button.  We want 2 new lines here like the screen below.  If you noticed, when you added the second New Line, the Popup Preview window on the right updated showing you that you successfully added a New Line. 






  1. Type "\bSqueeze" (without the quotes)  in the white window and click Add Text.




Note again that the Popup Preview window updated with a preview of the text we just added.


  1. Find the Squeeze stat on the left column.  Highlight it and click Add.  Move it to the bottom of the Display These Stats window if it is not already there. It should look like the following now.




  1. Click Save


  1. Now we have to tie the Custom Popup we just created to a stat.  Go to HUD Options / Player Preferences.


  1. Make sure the proper HUD is selected in the Choose Configuration dropdown at the top left.
  2. Highlight the stat you want to tie our Custom Popup to.  Steal is the one we created.
  3. In the red box on the right, uncheck Old Style Popup.
  4. In the Popup Dropdown, select the Custom Popup we just created. (steal99)


We just created a Custom Popup and tied it to a stat.  If everything was done correctly, your old Steal Popup will be replaced by the Custom steal99 Popup we just created.








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