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Additional HUD Filters

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Additional HUD Filters allows you to exclude stats in your HUD Overlay.  This is somewhat of an advanced feature of Holdem Manager and most users should have no need to adjust anything here. You have the following Options:


  • Filter for # of Players


  • Filter by Date


  • Filter by Limits




Filter for # of Players:

The column on the left (# Players) represents how many players are seated at your current table. The other two columns are Min and Max players you want stats for. 



Let’s say were playing a 6max SNG and we know that once it gets to 3 people the stats for 6max are no longer relevant because we expect the villain to loosen up. If we change the "# of players 3" to 3 and max to 3 then we only see stats from the villain where he played while 3 handed. Any stats where the villain was 4 handed or heads up will not be shown.


Where some people go wrong is where they only set "# of players 6" setting because they only play 6 max, this is wrong.  It doesn’t go by the type of game your playing, it filters based on how many players are at the table.  So if you’re playing 10max and there are only 5 people left it will use the filter "# of players 5" not 10.


Filter by Date:

Self explanatory – insert the number of months you want your HUD Overlay to display stats on opponents.



Filter By Limits:

When checked, this includes hands from other limits on your HUD Overlay.



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