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The Articles dropdown menu has must read content for Holdem Manager Users of all skill levels!!!


The Article Titles are:

  • Plugging Leaks - Determining typical bb/100 based on Stat Ranges (Added June 4, 2008)


  • Plugging Leaks - The Basics (Added June 30th, 2008)


  • Plugging Leaks - The Fuzz Rule (Added July 14th, 2008)


  • Analysis - Facing a Preflop 3Bet (Added August 19th, 2008)


  • Understanding how to use Preflop Statistics (Added October 28th, 2008)


  • Understanding how to use Postflop Statistics (Added October 28th, 2008)


  • Understanding the factors in dealing with a flop raise (Added February 18th, 2008)


  • What do the good guys make/lose in specific hand situations (Added April 19th, 2009)



Again, I can’t stress enough how great these articles are on understanding poker statsRead Them!!!



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