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Quick Start Guide (Table Scanner)

This Quick Start Guide should get you up and running in no time!  (This is for Client Side Scanning)


  1. Make sure you are using the English version of your poker client.  Table Scanner only supports the English version of poker clients.


  1. Make sure your poker client is open displaying the lobby of the games you want to scan for.  (If you are not getting any tables or players back it's probably because your poker client is not open to the tables Table Scanner is trying to scan for.)


  1. On the left side of Table Scanner there are many options for the game types that you are going to be scanning for.  Make sure you have the correct options set.
  • Poker Game
  • Structure
  • Poker Site - Very Important
  • Seats
  • Stakes
  • Format


  1. Once you have your poker client open to the lobby of the games you want to scan for and the game options on the left set, press the "Scan" button.


  1. Shortly all three windows should start to populate.  These three windows are:
  • Top = Table View
  • Middle = Players at the Table View
  • Bottom = Player View


  1. Double Click a player or table to open the table or click one of the Join buttons with the table selected to join a table.



  • There's many different ways to use this information to your benefit.  Personally, I look at the bottom window for players with a high VPIP.  Then I check to make sure they have a decent size stack.  If these parameters are met, that's a table I want to join.
  • Another way you might use this is to look for a table with a high overall VPIP. (Top Window) Then play at that table with a high overall VPIP.
  • Another way is to use the buddy list features and target players you have already marked as a buddy. 


The possibilities are endless on how to Table Select.




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