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Client Filters (Table Scanner)


Poker Game: 

You can only select 1 type of game to scan for at a time.



Here you can select as many different types of game structures as you want.  At least one Structure must be selected.


Poker Site:

Select all the Poker Sites you want.  Table Scanner can scan multiple poker clients at the same time. 


When the green arrows turn to a Red Box, that means Table Scanner is currently scanning that poker client. 



Any type of game can be selected here.  If you just want 6-max tables to come back, check the 6 Max box. 



Select the type of game you're looking for.


Link By:

And  = Only games meeting the full requirement will be returned to Table Scanner.

Or = All the different variations of games selected will be returned to Table Scanner.



Here you check what stakes you want returned to your Table Scanner.  Select as many stakes as you want.





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