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Settings (Table Scanner)




The Settings Options can be displayed by clicking the tool icon next to the Red F Button or by pressing the "Settings" button in the top right of the Table View.


There's Scanner Settings and Misc. Settings.

Scanner Settings:

  • Mode
  • General
  • Double Click a Table
  • Double Click a Player
  • Speed Settings
  • Color Profiles


Misc Settings:

  • Screen Names
  • High VPIP
  • Party Poker (Auto Open / Stake Selector)
  • Friendslist Indicator
  • Rating Override



Scanner Settings




  • Mode - Allows you to change from Server Side Scanning (SSS) and Client Site Scanning (CSS). 
  • Speed Settings - Allows you to speed up and slow down your scans.  If Table Scanner is missing tables, try using a bigger number here.
  • Color Profiles - Allows Table Scanner to only color code people with X amount of hands in your database.  If people have less than X amount of hands, no color coding will be applied to them.
  • General - has 5 settings and they are clearly explained in the screen shot above.
  • Double Click Table/Player  - Allows you to specify if you want a table to just Open when double clicking in the Scanner or if you want to Join a table.  You can set this option differently for double clicking a table or double clicking a player.

Misc. Settings


  • Screennames - Allows you to add your Poker Clients Screennames to Table Scanner allowing Table Scanner to color code you in the program.  Tables you are sitting at will get a green name and tables you are waiting for will get an orange colored name.
    • At the bottom of the Screennames box you have the option to exclude yourself from a scan.  This will remove all references to you from Table Scanner.
  • HighVPIP -  Lets you specify the minimum VPIP a player must have to count as a "HighVPIP" player in the Table View.
  • PartyPoker - Has Auto Open options along with auto select stakes.
  • Prima / Microgaming -Gives options to remove the Table Scanner display while scanning.
  • Friendlist Indicator - Sets tablenames as red for tables where friends are playing.
  • Rating Override - Sets the players score to their rating if there is a rating available.

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