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Leak Buster Introduction


Leak Buster is an App for Holdem Manager.


Accessing Leak Buster

Leak Buster Interface


Accessing Leak Buster


To access Leak Buster, do the following:

  1. Launch Holdem Manager.
  2. Click on the Leak Buster tab.

Note: If you change your database while you are in Holdem Manager, you will have to close and restart Holdem Manager for the new database to appear in Leak Buster.




Leak Buster Interface

The Leak Buster interface is very user friendly. Below is a screenshot to help you understand the interface better.


Note: The title bar is listed as steps for you. These are the suggested steps you should follow.





Steps 1-8:

Step 1-8 buttons switch between the Leak Buster Analysis (Step 2) and Leak Buster Video guides.


Main Window:

The Main Window switches content as you click the Step buttons.



Instructions and additional information



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