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Game Statistics (Holdem Vision)


Game Statistics reports give you an overview of game play at a particular stake.

The Pot Size histogram shows the frequency that hands complete with different pot sizes.  The X axis is the final pot size in big blinds; The Y axis is the number of hands.  Higher bars indicate more hands ending with a particular pot size.


The next graph shows the distribution in number of players seeing the flop.  The X axis is the number of players who saw a flop; the Y axis is the number of hands.  Higher bars indicate more hands in which a particular number of players saw the flop.




The Winning/Losing Hands at Showdown histograms show you two things:

First, they show the frequency of net winnings in big blinds.  This information is similar to the Pot Size histogram, but only considers hands that went to showdown. 



Second, these histograms show the relationship between showdown hand strength and pot size.  Showdown hands are grouped into six categories [ref Hand Strength Category Definitions] and represented as different colored bars.  For the best view of this relationship, change the Y axis scale selection from Hand Count to Percentage.




To drill down into specific hands, right-click on a bar to open the context menu, then select Export Hands…, View Hands… or Replay Hands….

The Max Street graph shows the frequency that hands complete at each street.




Finally, the Winnings by Position graph will hit home the importance of position.  It shows the net amount won or lost by position, both with and without showdown.



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