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Player Profiles (Holdem Vision)


It is common to profile players using statistics like VP$IP, PFR and aggression factor.  Using different ranges for these three key statistics, you can characterize your opponent’s playing style with profiles like tight-aggressive, loose passive, nitty, etc.


The Player Profiles graphs let you see what fraction of players fall into profiles of your own definition.  Sample profiles are provided, but you can re-define each one with your own preferred ranges.





The Player Profiles reports help you answer questions like:

  • What fraction of players fits in each profile?
  • How many players do not fit in any of your profiles?
  • How do player profiles vary by stakes? (assuming you have played at each stake you are interested in)
  • How do player profiles vary by site?  Does one have significantly more fishy loose passive players?  (assuming you have played at each site you are interested in)

The main graph shows player profile proportions.  In addition to each of the defined profiles, you can see how many players are uncategorized.



The Player Profiles Scatter Chart gives you a different view of your categories.  The X and Y axes are the key VP$IP and PFR statistics, respectively.  The color of each point in the scatter chart indicates the profile of a particular player.  Because this is a 2D graph, it’s not possible to show aggression factor as well, but you can see each player’s aggression factor by hovering the mouse pointer over a point.



The Player Statistics Scatter Chart shows the distribution of key statistics.  In this graph, the color of each player point represents aggression factor.  Red indicates high aggression, while green indicates low aggression.








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