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Setting Up Auto Import Folders

For Holdem Manager to work, it must import hands from your poker client.

You can auto detect your Poker Clients Hand History files or manually add them.  We suggest you try auto detecting them first.



Auto Detect Hand History Folders

  1. Play a hand or two in your poker client.
  2. Make sure your Poker Client Saved the Hand History file.
  3. Start Holdem Manager
  4. On the Import window, select "Click Here to Add Auto Import Folders" and you'll be presented with the following screen.


5.  Click the "Auto Detect" button.  Holdem Manager will now add all HH file locations that it finds.

6.  If your Saved Hand History file location is not listed here, you need to Manually Add the location.

If you see your Poker Client listed in this window, you can now skip to Testing HUD.





Manually Add Poker Client Hand History Folders

See the following for specifics on how to manually setup your Auto Import Folders and Archive Folders.


Correctly setting up the Auto Import Folders allows Holdem Manager to grab a hand from your hard drive and add it to the Holdem Manager Hand Database.

Caution: Do not add "C:\" for any Auto Import Folder!  This will severely slowdown your PC.    

Here you also setup an Archive folder so you will always have imported hand histories on your hard drive.


  1. Open up the Hand History Option in your Poker Client so you can see the path that the poker client is saving Hand Histories too.  Might be something like:  " c:\Program Files\YOURPOKERCLIENT\Hand History"
  2. Select Options / Configure Auto Import Folders from the Holdem Manager Options dropdown menu.  You should be presented with the following screen.  This screen may be blank.  The Current Import Folders on this screen shows all of my Auto-Import folders.



  1. If you don't see your Hand History Path listed, click the Add Folder button.




  1. The above screen shows the Full-Tilt Poker client.  If you are not setting this up for for Full Tilt, add the Hand History Path for your Poker Client.  
  2. Check the Import for Sub Folders? checkbox if it's not already checked. (If you play on Microgaming/Prima MAKE SURE THIS IS UNTICKED)
  3. Add an Archive Folder.  This allows you to save your hand histories to a different part of your hard drive because poker clients automatically delete hand histories after a while.
  4. Click Save.

Now when you click Auto Import, Holdem Manager will constantly be scanning these folders we just setup for new hand histories.  If everything is setup correctly your HUD should be working and importing hands to your database.






Testing HUD


  1. Fire up a low stakes Cash Game.  .01/.02
  2. Click Start Auto Import inside of Holdem Manager and stay on the Import Tab.
  3. After a hand has been completed, this screen should change to the screen on the right for 5 seconds.  If Holdem Manager imported a hand and Table Manager is running, your HUD should appear shortly.









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