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Required Poker Stars Settings (TableNinja)


For TableNinja to work properly you must go into PokerStars® and make sure that you are using the following settings:
  1. Use a TableNinja compatible PokerStars® theme: TableNinja officially supports the following themes:
    • PokerStars® Classic Theme
    • PokerStars® No Images Theme
    • PokerStars® Hyper-Simple Theme
    The latest version of TableNinja also supports a number of custom themes provided by which you can view here. For more information on PokerStars® themes that are compatible with TableNinja click here.
  2. Enable "Single Click Table Activation" and "Popup table whenever user action is required". From the PokerStars® Lobby click "Options" and chose "Advanced Multitable Options..." from the list. Then make sure the checkbox next to "Single click table activation" is checked and that the checkbox next to "Popup table whenever user action is required" is checked.
  3. Block Automatic Tournament Announcements. From the PokerStars® Lobby click "Options" and make sure that the checkbox next to "Block Automatic Tournament Announcements" is checked.
  4. If you are using Window's XP or Windows Vista with a non-Aero theme you must make sure that your Heads Up Display is not covering the box displaying the size of the pot ( directly above the chip stack), the action buttons, and the cards (Table Ninja looks at the number of cards on the felt to determine which street it is).
  5. Disable "Right Click to show Table Themes". If you would like to use "Right Click" as a hotkey then you need to click Options in the PokerStars® Lobby and uncheck the "Right Click to show Table Themes" option.
  6. You must set your language to English in PokerStars®. Go to Languages on the PokerStars Lobby and choose English

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