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Turning Off UAC (Windows 7)


UAC or User Account Control should be turned off when using Holdem Manager.

Note: Most of the time running Holdem Manager's three main .exe applications as an Administrator will allow you to use Holdem Manager with User Account Control on.



To disable User Account Control, do the following:


  1. On your desktop, click the Windows button and search UAC like below.



  1. Click Change User Account Control settings at the top highlighted with the red box.

  2. You'll be presented with the following screen and you want to move the Notify slider all the way to the bottom.






  1. Click OK once you've set the slider bar to Never Notify.


  1. Windows 7 does not require a reboot for changes to take effect but if it suggests a reboot, reboot.





UAC Security Concerns

Lowering the UAC level on your computer does increase your security risk; however, if you have Anti Virus software installed, you are well protected.

More than likely you'll welcome turning off UAC because it will remove all the prompts you get when you install software and change account settings.

If you want to keep UAC on, you must run three applications as an Administrator. 

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