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Player Name & Alias


Dropdown Menu (Options / Player Aliases)

Setting up a Player Name &/or Alias allows you to use the deep analysis Holdem Manager provides in the Windows.

Setup Player Name

Setup Player Alias


Note:  To see a video of this FAQ in action, watch the Holdem Manager Crash Course Video


Setup Player Name

  1. Play a couple poker hands so Holdem Manager has a few hands in the database.
  2. Click the Cash Games / Reports Tabs.
  3. Next to the Refresh button is a Change button.  Click Change. (Not the down arrow, but the letters "Change".)
  4. Enter your poker client's player name.
  5. Click Select.


Now this player is the player used for all of your Holdem Manager analysis.




Setup Player Alias

Setting up a Player Alias allows you to combine user names from different sites into the same database for review in the Windows.  You can even add users from the same site into an Alias. 


Simple Alias Explanation:  Combine multiple users into one Holdem Manager Account.



Adding Aliases:



  1. To add different user names to an Alias, select “Options/Player Aliases”.
  2. This takes you to the Alias Management Window where you select “Add Alias”.
  3. Now enter the name you want to use for the Alias.  Remember this name because we will use this name to find the Alias in the Tabs.
  4. Once you’ve entered the name of your Alias, click “OK”.
  5. player-alias-01.jpg

  6. Once we’ve created an Alias, now we must add players to this Alias.  Click Add Player and the following screen will appear.    



  1. Type the first few letters of the user names you use at the poker sites and the list will populate on its own.  Above you can see the user names I want to combine into an Alias are Mglmstr FT and Mglmstr PS. 


You can only add one Player Name at a time.  Select the Player Name you want to add to your Alias, and then click “Select”.  Do the same thing until you’ve added all the Player Names to the Alias list.  These Player Names will show up in the “Players attached to Alias:” list if done correctly.


Now I have Brent as my Alias and I’ve attached two Player Names to this Alias.  Now it’s time to see this in action.


  1. Go to the Cash Games Tab. 


  1. Select Change that’s highlighted in the following image. 


Note:  Make sure you click a letter of Change and not the down arrow to the right of the letters Change. 




  1. If you clicked change properly you’ll be brought to the Select Player window.  (If not, see the note in step 8.)  Type in the name of the Alias you created.  Mine was Brent, so I’m going to type that in.  The list populates automatically as you type, just like before.  If you used the same name as your Player Names that’s ok too.  Under the Site heading you’ll see “Alias” instead of a poker site abbreviation. 


  1. Select your Alias name and click Select at the bottom right of the window.


When you click the down arrow to the right of Change, you can quickly change between the Alias you created and the Player Names of your different poker sites.  It should resemble something like the image below:

(HEM MG is the "Alias" below)





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