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Multi Currency


Explanation how the multi-currency feature works in Holdem Manager.

Multi-Currency Support

Some sites offer several different currency options when playing at tables such as GBP £, USD $ And EUR €. Holdem Manager has a feature that allows you to convert the amount into your local currency.

Multi-Currency support was released in Late February 2010 with version 1.10.03 of HM, if you had imported hands previous to this date or HM version then they would have been recognised as $ regardless of the actual currency. In this case we have introduced a feature that will scan your database and convert the old hands to the applicable currency. This can be done by going to Options / Settings / Currency and then clicking the fix hands button. This process may take some time.

Currency Exchange Rate

You can use the Currency Rates feature in Options / Currency under the Currency Rates section to edit the current currency rate. As we can see in the example opposite $1 USD = €0.7383 EUR or £0.6471 GBP. Of course you can change it to whatever you like by clicking on the edit button (A) while selecting that actual currency and entering the applicable currency rate. We've also added a very useful tool that gets the current rates from and updates automatically when you click on the "Get Currency Rates Button". (B)


Using The New Currency Stats

With the old system we used the $(Winnings) stat, since there was only the 1 currency the $(Winnings) stat basically represented Net Amount Won and not dollars specifically so it is now a bit misleading unless you just use 1 currency. So for anyone with multiple currencies it is advised to use whichever of the new EUR, GBP and USD stats applies to you instead of the $(Winnings) stat. The new stats are available in the stats selection section in the Misc Section as seen opposite:

NB: In newer versions weve changed the $ stat to Winnings stat as its more descriptive.


Tip: To add and remove stats from reports see this FAQ:

In the screenshot below you can see the 3 new currencies are added and you can see it converts the currencies to give the final total. Remember we seen $1 USD = €0.7383 EUR earlier, if you multiply the total from the $USD by 0.7383 it comes to approx €422 which is the total of the EUR column below.


The sessions and graphs TAB also have currency options so remember to choose the same preferred currency from the dropdown box that your using in reports otherwise youll notice a discrepancy between the different TABs.


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