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Configure Party Poker Live Tracking with FPHG


The following FAQ explains how to setup Live Tracking In conjunction with Free Party Hand Grabber. With Live tracking you can see pot odds while playing.


Download and setup the Free Party Hand Grabber

The free party hand grabber can be downloaded from
Please note that this is a 3rd Party product and we are not affiliated with this product nor do we support issues with the Free Party Hand Grabber (FPHG)

Once you install it please run the program from C:/Program Files/FreePHG. When you run it you'll see it minimises to the taskbar as the pair of aces icon. You do not need to set anything up
simply run FreePHG.exe while observing tables, and you should see the observed hands starting to appear in the "C:\Program Files\FreePHG\HandHistories\live" folder shortly after. Always make sure your using the latest version of FPHG if you have any issues and older versions may save the files to a different path so verify the hands are showing up at this location when your observing tables as you'll need to tell Holdem Manager the location of the folder in the next step.

Setup Live Tracking in Holdem Manager
Go to Site / Hud Options / Player Preferences / Appearance and make sure that no. of pots is at least 1, if this is 0 it wont show your pot odds. You need to check this for all your hud configurations.

Then go to Hud Options / Site Options / Party Poker TAB and make sure "Track Live Hands" is ticked, then set the live folder to C:\Program Files\FreePHG\HandHistories\live or wherever FPHG is saving them to by clicking on Browse and navigating to that path. Then restart Holdem Manager and it should now show pot odds while playing.


You should then see the pot odds in the hud like in the highlighted section in the screenshot below


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