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TableNinjaFT Install


TableNinjaFT Install Guide

  1. Installation: To install TableNinjaFT just download and unzip the file, double click setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions
  2. Required Full Tilt Settings: Please make sure that you have Full Tilt configured with our Required Full Tilt Settings.
  3. Setup: The first time you run TableNinjaFT you will be guided through the configuration process by the TableNinjaFT Setup pop-up.
    • Language: Please select your language. The links in TableNinjaFT will take you to our online documentation translated by Google® into the language you select here.
    • Table Layout: Select your table layout style. If none of your tables overlap, select "NoOverlap". If you stack, select "Stack". If you cascade, select "Cascade". For all other layouts with any amount of table overlap, select "Overlap".
    • Automatic Configuration: TableNinjaFT will attempt to detect your settings and automatically finish the configuration process. If this process is successful you will see an "Automatic configuration was successful. Setup is complete!" message. This message means that TableNinjaFT is now properly configured and you are ready to start using TableNinjaFT's features.
    • Manual Configuration: In rare cases the automatic configuration process may fail. In this case you will receive a warning message and when you click the "Start TableNinjaFT" button you will be automatically taken to the "Setup" tab where you will need to manually complete the configuration process. Please see our Manual Configuration Guide for instructions.
  4. Table Control: Next you will need to pick a Table Control Mode. We recommend that people who are stacking or cascading use "Table In Foreground" (TiF) and that users who are tiling their tables use "Table Under Mouse" (TuM) but this is largely a matter of personal preference. Click here for more information about Table Control.
  5. Creating Hotkeys: Finally you will need to create some hotkeys
  6. Enjoy TableNinjaFT!: You are now ready to start using all of TableNinjaFT's great features. We recommend you take some time to browse through the program and the documentation to see all the things that TableNinjaFT can do. If you encounter any problems that are not addressed in the documentation check our FAQ or ask a question on the TableNinjaFT Forums.
  7. Watch the Getting Started videos below:





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