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Hovering & Clicking HUD Elements


What does hovering over and clicking HUD Elements do?


  • All Holdem Manager HUD Elements can be clicked for more detailed information. 


  • Hovering your mouse over a HUD Element also brings up more information


Note:  To turn off Hovering to see HUD Popups, go to HUD Options / Player Preferences and make sure Click for Popup is checked.


Below shows the user hovering their mouse over the “27” Steal stat.


When you move the mouse off of the Steal stat, this popup window automatically disappears. 


Below shows the user clicking a player’s HUD Overlay to get a wide variety of stats for quick analysis.



Right Click in the window to drag and move this window anywhere on your screen.


Left Click the window to close it.


Note:  The number in parenthesis () is the number of samples you have on that particular stat. if there are no numbers in parentheses; you have 100 or more samples for that stat.



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