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Common Questions (TableNinjaFT)


Q: When I try to run TableNinjaFT I am seeing an error: "Unable to connect to server."

A: If you see this error message please make sure that you are using the latest version of TableNinjaFT. To update TableNinjaFT please download the latest version from our website here. Then open the Zip file and double click on the "setup.exe" file and follow the on-screen instructions in the installer. If after updating TableNinjaFT you conintue to have problems connecting please ask for help on the TableNinjaFT Technical Support forum.


Q: When I try to run TableNinjaFT I am seeing an error: "This version is old and will not work"

A: If you see this error message then you will need to update to the latest version of TableNinjaFT. To update TableNinjaFT please download the latest version from our website here. Then open the Zip file and double click on the "setup.exe" file and follow the on-screen instructions in the installer.


Q: Does TableNinjaFT Support Pot Limit or Fixed Limit Games?

A: Currently TableNinjaFT only supports No Limit games. We may decide to add Pot Limit or Fixed Limit support in the future.


Q: Why does TableNinjaFT need to run as administrator on Windows Vista®?

A: TableNinjaFT is able to provide tons of great features because it interacts with Windows and the Full Tilt software at a very low level. TableNinjaFT needs to run as administrator to do all sorts of things, from sending mouse and keyboard input to Full Tilt windows to reading information from Full Tilt. TableNinjaFT will automatically detect your system settings and attempt to Run as Adminstrator on its own if it is necessary. You'll just need to click continue on the User Account Control popup and everything should work smoothly.


Q: Is TableNinjaFT an AutoHotkey Script?

A: No, TableNinjaFT was written from scratch and in no way uses AutoHotkey. It was built from the ground up and because of this TableNinjaFT is faster, more versatile, more user friendly, and more stable than most AutoHotkey scripts.


Q: I am experiencing a lot of lag when I use TableNinjaFT

A: If you are having lag problems please make sure that your computer meets our System Requirements. We do not recommend using TableNinjaFT on a computer that does not meet the minimum system requirements. If your machine does meet the recommended requirements, in the vast majority of cases, lag issues can be fixed by changing your configuration. If you are experiencing lag, please try the following steps:

  1. Verify that your, Windows Theme, Full Tilt Poker Table View, and Table Layout are set correctly on the "Setup" Tab
  2. Try turning off any custom mods you are using.
  3. Make sure that your HUD is in no way covering the bet box, the buttons, or the cards.
  4. Disable frames on the "Table Control" tab.
  5. If none of the above options help, you can ask for help on the TableNinjaFT Forums

Q: Will my custom tale mods work with TableNinjaFT?

A: We only test TableNinjaFT with the built in cards, backgrounds and table. However, you are welcome to try your custom mods with TableNinjaFT and its possible that they may work. Please note that we will only be testing new updates with the built in Full Tilt cards, backgrounds and tables so anytime there is an update to TableNinjaFT or Full Tilt you should make sure to test the new version with your custom background at play money.


Q: How can I use TableNinjaFT with a gamepad or Joystick?

A: To use TableNinjaFT with a joystick you will need to download and use a third party program such as Xpadder or JoyToKey. TableNinjaFT does not directly read joystick input, but these programs will convert your joystick input into keyboard or mouse commands which TableNinjaFT can then assign to hotkeys.


Q: Does the Cycle Tables hotkey turn off when I target non-Full Tilt windows?

A: No, the Cycling Tables hotkeys stays on even when you are using other programs so that you can easily switch back to your tables anytime you like. Because of this we recommend assigning these hotkeys to a key you do not regularly use in other programs.


Q: Why doesn't the advanced action Check/Fold hotkey click check or fold when I use it on my turn when I use the Table In Foreground option?

A: We used to have the AA Check/Fold click the check or fold buttons if they appeared and the check/fold checkbox if they did not. The problem is that in the "Table in Foreground" method if you hit the AA check/fold hotkey right as a second table suddenly needed action, Full Tilt would put the second table into the foreground and you would accidently fold at that table. Obviously accidently folding a big hand is a huge problem so we made all the advanced action hotkeys not work on your turn under the Table In Foreground method.


Q: How can I be sure that TableNinjaFT does not contain any spyware? Why does TableNinjaFT connect to the internet?

A: We value privacy greatly, however to check for updates and validate purchase codes, TableNinjaFT does need to connect to our server. TableNinjaFT connects to the internet in the following cases:

  1. On start-up.
  2. When you open the Purchase/Update menu.
  3. When you use your purchase code to unlock the full version.

These transactions are brief and no private information is transmitted save the email address used to purchase TableNinjaFT and some machine specific information that we use in our licensing system.

We encourage users who are worried about privacy to run any kind of internet monitor like ZoneAlarm to verify that TableNinjaFT only connects at these times and that the amount of data transmitted is far too small to contain any sensitive poker data.

Unfortunately we don't know of any way to 100% prove that our software doesn't contain any spyware. If anyone has suggestions as to other ways for us to demonstrate that TableNinjaFT contains no spyware or malicious code we welcome them.


Q: Will TableNinjaFT work with my AHK scripts?

A: We try to make TableNinjaFT compatible with scripts and other programs when possible. However, there may be issues when using other programs, particularly ones that interact with Full Tilt tables. If you are running other programs or scripts with TableNinjaFT and you find a feature does not work properly please try and turn off your other programs and see if you still have the same problem. Then report the bug to us and let us know which script or program was causing problems and what features you use it for and if it's possible we will try to either make TableNinjaFT compatible with the script or add the features you're using to TableNinjaFT.


Q: How is the pot size calculated for the percentage pot bets?

A: TableNinjaFT calculates percentage pot bets simply multiplying the specified percentage by the pot size that you get by clicking the Full Tilt Poker pot button. Please note that when raising or reraising, particularly to very small percentages of the pot, this is not the exact calculation that is commonly done for percentage pot bets that are designed to give your opponent specific pot odds.


Q: TableNinjaFT doesn't seem to be reading the pot size correctly, how can I fix this?

A: First please check that you have Full Tilt configured according to our Required Full Tilt Settings. If you continue to have problems please ask for help on the TableNinjaFT Forums.


Q: TableNinjaFT doesn't seem to be reading the street correctly, how can I fix this?

A: First please make sure that you have turned animations off in the Full Tilt software. To do this go to the main lobby and click Options → Animations → Off. Second, please make sure that your HUD is not covering any of the board cards as TableNinjaFT counts the number of cards on the board to determine the street. Finally make sure that you are not using any custom card mods.


Q: What happens to TableNinjaFT when Full Tilt updates their software?

A: TableNinjaFT is designed to be as robust as possible, however some updates to the Full Tilt software may result in TableNinjaFT no longer functioning correctly. We will add any updates to TableNinjaFT to the website as soon as they are complete.


Q: I got an error, Could not set hotkey, Win32 error: [error] what do I do?

A: Ask for help on the TableNinjaFT Forums.





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