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How do I use the Tourney HUD Filters?



Using the Tourney HUD Filters allows you to filter stats by how many big blinds a player has.  Watch Video above for a live demonstration.

Warning:  Only use this feature if you are a serious tournament grinder.  If you don't play that much you won't have enough data to make this information useful.

Setting Up Tourney HUD Filters

Go to HUD Options/Tourney HUD Filters inside of Holdem Manager to get to the screen below.


Clicking "Set to Default" puts default values into the dropdown menus.  You can customize these however you want depending on your game type and what information you want to filter for.

How does it work though?
Yes, initial look at this screen might be intimidating but once you understand how it works, it's pretty simple.  If you've used the Addition HUD Filters, you will pick this up in no time.

For this example lets use the 10BB line since many people think of this as shove or fold time.  If you want the HUD to display HUD stats for when the player has 10BB's in their stack, you would change the dropdown menus on the 10 line.
  • Min is how many minimum BB's to use for the HUD stats
  • Max is how many maximum BB's to use for the HUD stats
In the example above it's set to 1 and 81 respectively.  Lets say you want to narrow this down though.  Just change the min and max BB values you want to change.  I personally think this is too tight of a range so I would set something up like below for 10BB stacks.



In the above example I changed all the 1-10 BB levels on the left to be 1 min and 14 max.  Now anytime someone has 1-10 BB's in their stack, their HUD will only display stats when they've played hands with a starting stack of 1-14 BB's.

Warning:  Hand History files only contain players starting stacks.  Because of this, if someone just lost a big pot, their HUD will not update to the shorter stack until the next hand is complete.  You can use the checkbox at the bottom, "Include a BB VPIP/PFR grid in HUD Popup.  We'll talk about this below.

Include a BB VPIP/PFR grid in HUD Popup:

When this is checked a spade icon is displayed on your HUD when playing tournaments.  This HUD popup gives you an overview of the players VPIP and PFR based on how many big blinds the player has. 


Above is my HUD for tournaments.  This HUD popup comes up when you click or hover over the spade icon next to the player name.  You can see here that it's broken down even further by position.

You can see when I have 7-9 Big Blinds left and I'm on the button in an unopened pot, I play a 32/31 game.  If you look at Early Position (EP) you can see my range is 50% stronger than when I'm raising on the button. 

Hopfully this explains the Tourney HUD Filters and if you still have questions, watch the video.

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