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Sit-n-Go Betting Tab (TableNinjaFT)



Sit-n-Go Bets: This tab lets you assign hotkeys for preflop bet sizes that change depending on the blind level of the Sit-n-Go or tournament you are in so that you can use different preflop bet sizes at different stages of the tournament.

If the Automatically click bet button check-box is checked they will also click the bet button and instantly bet the specified amount. You can also have TableNinjaFT use the top SnG Betting hotkey as your default preflop bet by checking the Use this as my default pre-flop bet checkbox. These hotkeys do nothing if a player has raised in front of you. Pots with more than two limpers count as 'raised'.

Creating a Sit-n-Go Bet Hotkey: Start by choosing a preflop bet size that you would like to use in the early stages of the tournament and entering that amount into the left #BB and #BB per limper boxes. Then choose a 1st Blind Level Cutoff. The hotkey will then use the bet size you chose any time the blinds are below the 1st Blind Level Cutoff.

Similarly you can enter a different #BB and #BB per limper in the next column, then choose a 2nd Blind Level Cutoff and that bet size will be used any time the blinds are greater than or equal to the 1st Blind Level Cutoff and less than the 2nd Blind Level Cutoff and so on.

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