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How does the Holdem Manager note system work?




While most poker sites allow you to keep notes on players through their software, Holdem Manager also allows you to keep notes on players. On a player’s HUD Overlay there is an asterisk to the left of the player’s name.  Simply single click the asterisk to bring up the following note window:

notes_01.jpg             notes_02.jpg


Make sure you click the Save button after you are done entering a Note.


There’s a clipboard to the left of the Clear button where you can change the image that replaces the asterisk on the HUD Overlay once a Note is saved.




Import & Export Notes


You can also Import and Export Notes through the Note dropdown menu.  (Options/Notes) 

 Notes that can be imported are:

  • Smart Notes from Poker Stars
  • Smart Notes from iPoker 
  • Poker Stars
  • Party Poker 
  • HEM Exported Notes

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