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Table Control Options

Table Control Options

To view the Table Control options open the Table Control tab on the main TableNinjaPP window. TableNinjaPP always sends all hotkey actions to the target table. TableNinjaPP uses customizable color coded frames to show which tables need attention and which table is the target table. By default the target table is framed in red. You can change the colors by clicking the colored boxes. TableNinjaPP provides three ways to control which table is the target table, you can use whichever method feels the most natural to you.

Table Under Mouse

By default the "Table Under Mouse" method is used. With this option hotkeys get sent to whichever table your cursor is over. Note that your cursor must be directly on top of the table and not over your heads up display. This option is very simple and extremely easy to use - just move your cursor over a table to make that table the target table and any hotkeys you click will be sent to that table.

Table In Foreground

TableNinjaPP also has a "Table in Foreground" control mode. With this method the foremost table in the windows Z-order is always the target table. PartyPoker automatically brings tables requiring action to the front so with this method TableNinjaPP will automatically target tables that need attention and add them to a queue of tables waiting for action. When an action is needed at a table, that table automatically becomes the new target table if the current target table does not need an action. Once you take an action the next table that needs attention automatically becomes the target table. In addition, clicking a table brings it to the front and makes it the target table so we can also manually chose a target table at any time with this method.

Manually Cycled/Clicked

This mode allows you to manually control which table is targeted either by clicking on a table or using the "Cycling Hotkeys".

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