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Villain Stats Not Accurate on Multiple Tables


A regular is playing on several tables, but the stats and number of hands appears to be different on some tables.




The filter settings can cause players to have different stats on different tables.


To ensure that stats on a player remain the same across several tables, do the following:


     1.  In Holdem Manager, navigate to HUD Options > Additional HUD Filters. The HUD Filter dialog will pop up.


     2.  Configure the appropriate filters for the HUD. (See next page)

     3.  Click Save and Close




Reset Additional HUD Filters:

If you don't want to set any filters or have come across a problem where stats seem to reset, it's most likely wrongly configured filters. To effectively remove filters, set all the minimums to 2 and all the maximums to 10 and this will show all the stats regardless of how many players are at a table.


An Example:

Let's say we're playing in a 6max SNG and we know that once it gets to 3 people, the stats for 6max are no longer relevant because we expect the villain to loosen up. If we change the # of players 3 to 3 and max to 3, then we only see stats from the villain where he played while 3 handed. Any stats where the villain was 4 handed or heads up will not be shown.


Where some people go wrong is when they only set the # of players 6 setting because they only play 6 max. This is wrong, as this doesn't go by the type of game you're playing. It filters based on how many players are at the table, so if you're playing 10max and there are only 5 people left, it will use the filter # of players 5 not 10.


3. Click on Save and Close.




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