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Annoyances Tabs (TableNinjaPP)

Annoyances Tab:


Annoyances Tab:

Checkbox Hotkeys:

These hotkeys control the blind posting and sit out checkboxes.

Click "Auto-Post Blinds" Target table: Toggles the "Auto post blinds" checkbox at the target table.

Click "Auto-Post Blinds" All tables: Toggles the "Auto post blinds" at all tables.

Click "Sit Out Next Hand" Target table: Toggles the "Sit out next hand" checkbox at the target table.

Click "Sit Out Next Hand" All tables: Toggles the "Sit out next hand" checkbox at all tables.

Toggle "Never Sit Out": If this option is enabled the "Sit Out Next Hand" hotkeys will toggle the "Never Sit Out at cash tables" feature on or off when they are used.


These features will have TableNinjaFT automatically handle pop-ups or annoyances for you.

Automatically click Time Bank: Automatically clicks the time bank button whenever it appears.

Never Sit Out at tournament tables: Automatically clicks the "Deal me In" button at all tournament tables every four seconds.

Never Sit Out at cash tables: Automatically clicks the "Deal me In" button at all open cash tables very four seconds. This feature will automatically turn off if you are idle for 30 seconds or more.

Time Bank Hotkey:

This is a temporary workaround for the time bank issues caused by the Nov 2010 FTP update. These features will not work for players stacking/cascading their tables on Windows XP®.
They will also not work for players stacking/cascading their tables in Windows Vista® or Windows 7® with the Windows® Classic theme. If you are using one of these operating systems, please use the Aero theme.

Click all timebanks: Clicks all currently visible time bank buttons.

Time Bank Warning: Check the box to have TNPP play the selected warning sound whenever a time bank button has been visible for longer than the selected number of seconds. This is designed to let you know when the time bank hotkey should be pressed.

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