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How do I create and delete a database?

Create Database

Delete Database





Create Database: 

Note: Make sure you are not currently running any hand importing.

1.      In Holdem Manager, navigate to Options / Database Management. You will see the Database Control Panel screen as shown below:


2.      Enter your Password if necessary and click on Connect. You should now see the following screen.


3.      Click on Create New Database. A DB Control Panel dialog will pop up.


4.      Enter a database name and click Create DB.

5.      With the new database highlighted in the Database field, click on Set as Default.


6.      With it still highlighted, click Start Holdem Manager and the new database will load into Holdem Manager.











Delete Database: 


1.      Navigate to Start > All Programs > PostgreSQL 8.x > pgAdmin III. Similarly, you can navigate to the .exe file by going to C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.2\bin\ and clicking on the pgAdmin3.exe file. The pgAdmin III screen should pop up.


2.      In the Object browser box, double click on PostgreSQL Database Server 8.x. You will be prompted you for your password. This is your password that you used when setting up PostgreSQL. Upon successful authentication, you will have access to your databases as shown in the following screen:


3.  Expand the Databases folder and select the applicable database (HoldemManager by default).

Note: You may see a popup window about database encoding and if so, click on Don’t show this tip again and just click OK.

4.      Right click on the database you wish to delete and select Delete/Drop.

The selected database is now deleted.


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